Prepare for Pregnancy, Birth, and Parenting

Become emotionally and physically prepared for pregnancy and birth. Research available options for healthcare providers and birthing environments, and become informed about routine newborn care. Continuously educate yourself about developmental stages of childhood, setting realistic expectations and remaining flexible.

Journal Studies

Wedmore, H. V. (2013). A mixed methods approach to understanding the relationship between attachment and child outcomes: The connection of related findings, theory and cultural implications as explored through the perspectives and practices of attachment parents.

In Chapter 2 of this paper, a quantitative analysis investigated the association between positive couple interaction and child outcomes (externalizing behavior and social competence) as mediated through positive parenting and a secure parent-child attachment. In Chapter 3, a qualitative approach was used to explore the perspectives and parenting behaviors of mothers who identify as attachment parents Additionally, the implications of attachment theory, evolutionary theory, and the societal context in which parenting practices are embedded are explored. A connection between the quantitative and qualitative findings of this study is drawn in Chapter 4 via the discussion section. In addition, consistencies and inconsistencies were explored between the results of both studies as well as between previous research findings and pre-established theory.